Roadshow – Vitamin Sea Festival, Waterford

As is so often the case with the Return for Change campaign, it was as a result of an invite from a county council’s Environmental Awareness Officer that saw us arrive in the sunny south-east of Tramore one fine September day. Each year, this seaside town plays host to the Vitamin Sea Festival (organized by Taste Tramore) to celebrate the rich cultural and culinary treasures which can be found there.

Ella Ryan, Environmental Awareness Officer for Waterford City and County Council, and Ray Cullen of Taste Tramore

And wherever you have a crowd of people gathering, you can be sure that they’ll be bring some rubbish with them. Situated as we were right along the promenade, we had plenty of opportunity to gather the empty plastic bottles and cans which people generally have with them. As always people were eager to chat and learn a little more about the deposit return scheme: when it’s coming and why we don’t have one already!

Vitamin Sea Festival Volunteers

Along with the locals were a smattering of tourists and visitors, many of whom had deposit return schemes in their own country and were particularly happy to learn that Ireland will soon be joining the party. Their thoughts on the Scheme tally with those of just about everyone we have spoken to in that they consider it a great, common-sense approach to dealing with waste. A collection system for containers – a conversation you have likely never had across the table at a dinner party! – which chimes with people from across different countries and continents is not something to be sniffed at.

Return For Change truck along the promenade