We’re nearly there… One last push to get the DRS over the line!

Benefits all round

Reduced Litter

Say goodbye to litter! Well, not all of it, but the days of PET plastic bottles and aluminium cans scattered everywhere could well become a thing of the past. 


In a world of tightened purse-strings, a DRS offers a new and exciting way to fundraise.


The Irish Government suggests that tourism was worth €9.3 billion in 2019 and supported roughly 325,000 jobs; in other words, it is a very important industry for us.

The Countdown to Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme Launch has started!

In 100 days Ireland will have its very own #depositreturnscheme Feb 1st ’24 is the day Ireland takes REAL climate action. We’ve poured years of dedication into making this happen, and it’s a moment of pride for us 🙌 This blog post details how this Irish scheme can achieve its maximum potential.

A welcome step forward in the preparation of the Deposit Return Scheme.

The government’s planning permission on the placing of reverse vending machines (RVM) in the car parks of supermarkets is a welcome step forward in the preparation for the Deposit Return Scheme’s official launch next February !

Roadshow – Better Ballymun Day.

A new year has rolled around and that can mean only one thing – the Return for Change Roadshow is doing its thing yet again. But what is its thing,



We have an info and awareness campaign about Ireland’s incoming Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). We went to #Carlow with our DRS vehicle #plastic #Ireland #climateaction #zerowaste #returnforchange @returnforchange

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